Heroes III Fan Art - Final Scale Comparison

The Nighon forces are ready to serve.
What can I say... ..Oooooh I actually have a cool story for you, not gonna lie, it was hard to keep it for so long :)
One Thursday morning Gregory W. Fulton, the Legend Lead Game Designer of HoMM3, wrote to me this (I quote it with his permission):

“Your HoMM3 work is inspiring. In my opinion, your re-imaginings have improved upon each design. Every single one of them makes me smile.”

What else can I wish? Nothing. The words of approval from the designer of the original game - its definitely the best thing that can happen to the artist who makes re-imagining of the good old game. And it is deffinitely one of my biggest achivements at the moment.
Of course - along with your interest and support , my dear viewer. Thank all of you very much, and have a great day!